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Garden Update

IMG_0374IMG_7863IMG_0372Well, our garden was doing great for a while… and then we kind of neglected it and it totally died. In June life got busy, we had some lawn woes, and it was 100 degrees on the daily. And to be honest, we just wanted to be lazy most of the time instead of tend to our garden.
It’s a complete jungle now! No tomatoes, no peppers – just small remnants of herbs and really tall weeds. I think the downfall was actually a combo of neglect and outrageously hot temperatures. I will say that when we were tending to the garden, we produced some pretty delicious tomatoes and peppers. We also have lots of garden herbs frozen in ice cubes in our freezer.garden 2(Ray standing in our raised bed that’s mostly full of weeds)
garden(Even among the weeds, our rosemary is still going strong)garden 3 We’re thinking about a fall/winter garden, but that can be kind of tricky in Florida. It’s not unusual to have 90 degree weather in October, but it’s also not unusual to have 40 degree weather in October. If we start this month, I think we can do another round of tomatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic.
How did your garden do? We seem to do better with inside plants, but we’re going to keep trying!