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February Favorites

IMG_0149IMG_0201IMG_0196IMG_0153IMG_0199IMG_01981. Strawberry plant – Look at our strawberry plant! I’m obsessed with it.
2. Strawberries – This clearly goes hand in hand with our strawberry plant, but right now our plant only produces 3-4 berries a week. We’ve had to supplement with strawberries from KC’s, our local produce store. Except for yesterday when I bought 1/2 a flat of strawberries from a rand-o man that came into my office selling them.
3. San Sebastian’s Vinter’s White Wine – I’m more of a cocktail person than a wine person, but I really like this.
4. Cera-ve cream –  I typically get super dry cheeks in the winter. This year has been different I think it all has to do with this cream.
5. Chocolate chip cookie pillow – My sister and mom made this for me for Christmas and I love it.
6. Iced Queen by Maybelline
7. Good Morning Hope by Essie
8. Trader Joe’s Caramel Cashew Cookies – Trust me, just try them.

9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – we’ve been watching through the series. I never watched Buffy consistently when it was on tv, so it’s nice to fill in the gaps and watch the full story.
10. Parks and Rec season 7 – What can I say? I’m obsessed. I thought the series finale was perfect.
11.  Valentine’s Day – I love Valentine’s Day! I love being in love with Ray! I made breakfast v-day morning, we enjoyed walking around the Olustee festival in downtown Lake City, we ventured to Live Oak to visit our favorite plant nursery, and we made dinner and dessert at home while drinking wine and listening to records. A perfect day.