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Snow Day and Christmas Parade

I live in a a relatively small town in North Florida, thus we don’t get to experience a lot of snow. In fact, the last time I remember it snowing here was on Christmas Eve in 1989. I was 4 years old and it was awesome. Since snow is one of those every-20-years kind of phenomenons, my town has started having a yearly event called called “Snow Day.” Basically a truck arrives early in the morning and dumps a couple piles of “snow” at our downtown park. Snow (melty-ice) piles, snow slides, bounce houses, food vendors, and Santa Claus are all included in Snow Day, which took place last weekend. It was a great time, actually. Ray helped run sound for the event and I volunteered with the bounce houses.IMG_4934 - 1

Following Snow Day, was our annual Downtown Christmas Parade (my most favorite)! I love all the lights, marching bands, and terrible tacky floats. There is just something magical about Christmas in a small town.
IMG_4945 - 1 IMG_4961 -1IMG_5046 - 1 IMG_5042 - 1Also, I couldn’t resist posting this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE picture of Annabelle. Isn’t she the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?!