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love and soup

soup1I’m not sure if I’ve ever discussed this on the blog, but I don’t cook… unless you could that one time I sort of made homemade pizza on Valentines day with heart shaped pepperonis. I say I “sort of” made it because after 2 failed attempts at rolling the dough I called a local pizza place (Pizza Boy shout out!) and asked them to roll it out for me on my own pan. Anyway, I like the idea of cooking and I do own like 27 aprons, it’s just not my thing. Growing up, my mom cooked dinner (and lots of times lunch and breakfast) most days of the week. Other than her asking me to turn on the oven or maybe butter up some garlic bread, I didn’t participate much in the cooking/meal preparation department. When I moved out, I ate a lot of sandwiches, yogurt, hummus + crackers, and ice cream. So, mostly things I could just grab and eat because I was/am lazy.soup2When I got married all of that changed. Ray cooks and he cook well. Last night he made kale, potato and spicy sausage soup and it was SO delicious. We generally have a lot of things going on during the week nights and it’s so nice to come home, sit at the table and have a home cooked meal with the person you love the most.ice cream 1I also had an ice cream sandwich, made with my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, after dinner which was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.