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Alliray Summer Goals

black eyes susans - 21. Swim in the springs. Swimming in a spring is different than swimming in any other body of water. It just feels more magical.
2. Float down the Ichetucknee River in an inner-tube with friends
3. Have a successful garden harvest
4. Make salsa with all ingredients from our garden
5. Have a backyard BBQ
6. Take a walk on the beach at night. We live less than an hour from the Atlantic and the Gulf and we probably haven’t had a night-time beach walk in two years.
7. Go to a concert of a band we actually enjoy…
8. Bake homemade blueberry cobbler
9. See a summer blockbuster (we’ve already seen Iron Man 3!)
10. Take walks. Take pictures. Smell the jasmine. Enjoy our time together.