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Summers Goals

black and white Hey guys! It’s been a little while, so here’s a quick update- Ray’s recovering very well from surgery #2. We’re both real busy at work. My memorial day weekend is currently being ruined by a stomach situation. We bought a window unit A/C for Ray’s studio (which used to be a porch and has zero insulation). We have a delicious Mexican pork roast in the crock pot. Hopefully I will be able to eat it despite my stomach situation.
Moving on… Let’s talk about summer goals! Being a native Floridian, I have an extreme love/hate relationship with summer. Summer days are nothing less than cruel in the sunshine state. But, summer nights with their fireflies and lightening storms are absolutely magical.
Here are a few summer goals I have for 2015:
1. pick blueberries
2. bake blueberry cobbler
3. swim in the springs
4. pickle watermelon rinds
5. have a backyard bbq with friends
6. watch as many summer blockbusters as possible
7. walk around our favorite lake at sunset
8. organize and decorate our upstairs bedrooms
9. set up my new desk in my studio
10. drink summer cocktails

Alliray Summer Goals

black eyes susans - 21. Swim in the springs. Swimming in a spring is different than swimming in any other body of water. It just feels more magical.
2. Float down the Ichetucknee River in an inner-tube with friends
3. Have a successful garden harvest
4. Make salsa with all ingredients from our garden
5. Have a backyard BBQ
6. Take a walk on the beach at night. We live less than an hour from the Atlantic and the Gulf and we probably haven’t had a night-time beach walk in two years.
7. Go to a concert of a band we actually enjoy…
8. Bake homemade blueberry cobbler
9. See a summer blockbuster (we’ve already seen Iron Man 3!)
10. Take walks. Take pictures. Smell the jasmine. Enjoy our time together.