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The Dark Night Rises, a review by Alliray

batman 2Hey guys, we’ve decided to do some movie reviews on the ole blog here. We will be alternating which one of us gets to choose the movie! Ray picked fist so we watched The Dark Knight Rises. Here’s what we thought:


Allison’s Take: Let me start off by saying that I just watched Batman Begins last Sunday. I’ll also tell you I only saw The Dark Knight about 3 months ago. I haven’t read the comics or watched the cartoons, so my batman knowledge is a little lacking.  Despite what you may think, I do love (some) action movies, and this one did not disappoint. My favorite part of The Dark Night Rises was Joseph Gordon Levitt, or as I like to call him, JGL. JGL made this movie for me because, frankly, I think Bruce Wayne can be rather boring and tragic. My second favorite part of the movie was obviously Catwoman’s biker goggles/cat ears. Bane had a creepy-ass voice, but I think the Joker was WAY more terrifying (RIP). I truly feel that all 3 of these movies are good enough to stand alone without being part of the trilogy.

Why girls might love it:
1. JGL as a cop
2. Alfred’s voice

Why girls might hate it:
1. Batman’s dumb voice
2. Bane’s voice + terrifying mouth contraption
3. Alfred crying (one of the saddest things you could ever see)

Ray’s Take: Ok, so I’ve been known to read a comic book or two in my day. And Batman is not on the top of the list of my favs. That being said, I’ve enjoyed all of these Christopher Nolan Batman movies very much! This was a great way to end his part of the series, it was very dark (as any good batman movie should be), it was very suspenseful, and it had just the best ending. I’ll give it 4 stars ****

Why guys might like it:
1. It’s Batman
2. No nipples on the batsuit
3. It’s Batman!

Why guys might hate it:
1. They are dumb.

Let us know if there are any movies you would like us to reviews!