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The Wes Anderson Collection via Etsy

The first time I ever saw a Wes Anderson movie was while I was in high school. A group of friends and I rented The Royal Tenenbaums from Blockbuster and watched it under blankets at my friend Erica’s house. I remember majority of our group didn’t like it, but to be fair we were all around 15 years old. I wasn’t in love with Royal Tenebaums after that first viewing, but I was really intrigued. I went on to watch Rushmore and then Life Aquatic when it came to theaters. Ray and I even watched Darjeeling Limited in a theater full of baby boomers. These movies were different and stylized and the aesthetic really resonated with me. Before I knew it, they were some of my absolute favorite films!
I’m talking about Wes today because Ray sent me a link to I Saved Latin, a cover album of songs featured in his movies. How cool is that? I also remembered the large number of Wes Anderson themed items I have in my Etsy favorites and decided to share some of them with you! the wes anderson collection 2 (clockwise starting at top left)

1.Team Zissou Swim Shorts – I want Ray to have these so bad! Life Aquatic is his favorite Wes Anderson film AND he hasn’t owned a swim suit in probably 10 years.
2.Grand Budapest Hotel Pencil Pack – Perfect for writing plays and love letters.
3. Wes Anderson Collection Socks – These are the cutest socks and they feature images from several of his films.
4. Moonrise Kingdom Print – I love this Sam and Suzy silhouette print!
5. Zebra Print Phone Case – This print is actually of the wallpaper in Margot’s room in Royal Tenenbaums. It’s iconic and I’m in love with it.
6.Life Aquatic Movie Poster – I think this would look perfect in our dining room!