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Top 5 Tuesday: Summer Movies

Top 5 Tuesday is back! With the summer solstice upon us (wait, was it yesterday?) it’s officially movie watching season. I have to be honest, I’m terrible at watching movies at home. I get distracted by tasks I need to complete, my phone, the cat, etc. However, the movies listed below are the best to watch over and over on hot summer evenings. Actually, these are also my top 5 sleepover movies. They’re extremely girl-centric and none of them are summer blockbusters, but they’re my favorites!
5. Greasesummer5 “Summer lovin, had me a blast!”
Even though I’m not a huge musical fan, I absolutely love Grease. I spent many summer nights staying up late and watching Grease with my friends. Frenchy has always been my favorite, obviously for her pink hair and yellow prom dress.
4. Troop Beverly Hills
summer4 Phyllis Nefler is a goddess!
3. Now and Then MSDNOAN EC004 The amount of love I have in my heart for Now and Then is equal to the amount of hate Ray has in his heart for it. Lol.
2. The Babysitter’s Club

summer3 Honestly, The Babysitter’s Club is an extremely under rated summer movie. It’s fun and silly with the slightest hint of emotion.
1.The Parent Trap (starring Haley Mills and Haley Mills)summer2My all time favorite summer movie!! I can watch the Parent Trap all day and all night!

What are your top summer movies to watch?

Top 5 Tuesday : 90’s Heartthrobs

Time for another top 5 Tuesday!!!  It’s time to relive Tiger Beat…Today I’m talking about my top 5 90’s heartthrobs! I had crushes on all these guys through my teen and tween years!

5. Ben Savageht1Obvs. I was sooooo obsessed with Boy Meets World! Despite them being cuter, I always like Corey more than Eric and Shawn because he was nice and never got in trouble. Haha!
4. Taylor Hansonht7Pretty enough to be a girl! I loved Hanson as an 11 year old and I love Hanson as a 30 year old! Taylor was always my favorite. This past November, Hason was playing at Epcot during the Food and Wine festival and I’m still upset I missed them! Mmmbop.
3. Jonathon Taylor Thomasht8 While I was a fan of JTT in Home Improvement, my favorite version of him was from Man of the House, which also starred Chevy Chase. He was cute, funny, and a little bit of a trouble maker. Heartthrob material for sure!
2. Leonardo Di Caprioht6Whew, Leo (unlike most others on this list) can absolutely be on a 2016 Heartthrob list! Not only did he star in huge hits like Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, he was also in Growing Pains- which is where I first saw him and started crushing.
1. Joshua Jacksonht5What a dream, am I right? We’re on a little bit of a Dawson’s Creek kick, and I’m certainly not mad about seeing more of Pacey Witter. Also, let’s not forget about Joshua Jackson starring in The Mighty Ducks- the ultimate 90’s movie.

Who are you favorite 90’s heartthrobs?!

Top 5 Tuesday

You know bedrooms in tv shows and movies are always amazingly styled, clean-ish, and have just the right amount of quirk? Why can’t my bedroom ever look like that?! Well, I guess it’s because I actually live in my bedroom and it isn’t a set made beautiful by a stylist.
Without further ado…
My top 5 fictional bedrooms
5. Arnold’s bedroom in Hey Arnold – With that window ceiling and groovy carpet, what more could you ask for?bedroom 1 4. Jess’ bedroom in New Girl – This is probably the most realistic and adult bedroom in the list. I love the colors and exposed brick.bedroom 2 3. DJ and Stephanie Tanner’s bedroom in Full House – The bedroom went through a few changes as the girl’s got older, but is my favorite version. Guys, I can’t even tell you how bad I wanted this room when I was a kid.bedroom 3 2. Clarissa’s bedroom in Clarissa Explains It All – Unfortunately, the photo below doesn’t show the alligator sand pit or the license plate collection. bedroom 4 1. Cher’s bedroom in Clueless – The pink satin, the gigantic headboard, the closet… bedroom cherbedroom 5

Top 5 Tuesday

It’s political season, the most annoying season in 4 years!  To take your mind off the potential downfall of politics in America, I’m taking the political conversation in a different route. Yesterday was President’s Day, so in celebration I’m presenting you with the top 5 hottest American presidents.
5. Andrew Johnsonpresident andrew(Because he looks striking like Tommy Lee Jones, and TLJ is extremely attractive in A Coal Minor’s Daughter. )president tljSee? SWOON!
4. Calvin Cooligepresident calvinCheck out that jaw line.
I have no idea what’s happening in this photo, but I like it.preseident calvin3. John F. Kennedypresident kennedy2. George W. Bush
I know this is a controversial pick, but I think ole’ W has really cute boyish charm.
president george 1. Ulysses S. Grantpresident ulyssesUm, hello??!! There was really no competition here. president ulysses 2

Top 5 Tuesday

A new series I’m starting on this Blog is “Top 5 Tuesday” and I’m really excited about it! Every Tuesday I will be sharing my top 5 of something. Top 5 favorite movies, top 5 weirdest moments, top 5 funniest youtube videos, etc. Today, for the first Top 5 Tuesday I’m sharing my top Tuesdays. Are you confused yet? Here we go!!

5. Tuesday Mornings (the store)
4. Ruby Tuesday (the restaurant) – On the real I DO NOT love Ruby Tuesdays, BUT the first real date Ray and I ever went on was at Ruby Tuesday. Kind of embarrassing, right? We had been friends for several years and had been out to eat together many times at that point… but, for some reason, the Ruby Tuesday night was when it started to feel like we were actually dating.
3. My cousin Heather’s cat that was named Tuesday
2. Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones (the song)

1. Fat Tuesday (TODAY!!!!!) – Happy Mardi Gras!!!!
FNMPS- Someone bring me a King Cake!!!!