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2014 in Polish

2014 was a good year in polish for me, even though I’ve been neglecting my nails for the past 2 months. I decided to post my top ten favorite nail looks from 2014. Enjoy!

1. Space Nails – I ALWAYS love space/sky/nebular nails.space nails
2. X-Men Nails – Ray has been a huge x-men fan since he was a little boy. I did this look for the Days of Future Past premier! xmen
3. Panda Nails – Because why not?panda nails 2
4. Pineapple Nails – Pineapples were so trendy this summer! I had to represent with a little nail art! pineapple nails 2
5. Water Color Gradient Nails – These turned out so much prettier than I was expecting.fruit loop nails 3
6. Green on green Nails – Inspired by Twin Peaks!greens 1
7. TV Nails – Inspired by a Zooey Deschanel manicure she wore to the Golden Globes.tv nails 2
8. Rose Gold Tipped Nails – Simple and pretty.classy 2
9. Zig Zag Nails – Inspired by a bathing suit I had as a child.80s 2
10. Triangle Nails – One of my favorite color combos!rage 2

Looking forward to new nail inspiration for 2015!

Top Ten Neflix Documentaries

We LOVE documentaries! Here are the Alliray top ten Netflix documentaries!

1. With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story – Even if you’re not into comics this is a great doc about an incredible man.
2. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth – The public housing complex built to change the inner city of St. Louis which became infamous for it’s crime, poverty and seggregation.
3. Resurrect Dead: Mystery of Toynbee Tiles – Mysterious tiles start showing up embedded in the streets in and sidewalks of major east coast cities. One guy decided to find out why.
4. Theremin: An Electronic Odyessy – This is truely an odessy about the invention of the thermin instrument created by Russian inventor Léon Theremin
5. Forks Over Knives – This doc explores that idea that we can cure ourselves of diseases by simply changing the way we eat.
6. Just for Kicks – People obsesed with collecting tennis shoes! So fun!
7. Copyright Criminals – Awesome look at music sampling.
8. Ingredients – Really informative doc about farmers markets and eating local.
9. Moog – This is a great doc about the Moog synthesizer created by Dr Robert Moog.
10. Unusual Buildings – This documentary is great because it’s actually kind of terrible. Lots of weird buildings with an awkward host stuck in the early 90s.

Have you seen any of these? What are some others we should check out?

Alliray top 10 netflix tv shows

We don’t have cable so we watch a lot of Netflix. We’ve watched a lot of hits and several misses. Here are our top ten favorite shows that are currently available on Netflix!

1. Battle Star Galactica –  Have you seen the Portlandia (another great Netflix show) sketch about BSG? It’s only a slightly exaggerated version of what actually happened to us. Seriously guys, the writing on this show is so good. Give it a chance.
2. Arrested Development – Hilarious. Cancelled too soon. Lots of cameos. Your parents probably wont get it.
3. Firefly – Space western. Enough said.
4. Parks and Recreation – I’ll be honest, season 1 isn’t that incredible BUT if you can power through the first 8 episodes, you’re in for a real treat once season 2 starts. Ron Swanson is like no one else.
5. Jericho – Nuclear blasts and how a small town figures out how to survive in the aftermath.
6. Hell on Wheels – Our most recent discovery! Hell on Wheels is an AMC drama that takes place in 1965. It’s story line focuses on the building of the Union Pacific railroad.
7. The Walking Dead – Zombies!!!
8. Freaks and Geeks – Again, cancelled too soon. See James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel when they were babies!
9. The Guild – Ok, this is technically web series, BUT Netflix has is categorized as a tv show so I’m just going with it. Basically, misfit gamers are forces to interact in real life. I love this show and I’ve never even gamed.
10. X-Files – 9 seasons of paranormal FIB investigating bliss.

Do you love these shows as much as we do? What are some of your favorites?

Nailed It!

For my Nailed It post today I wanted to talk about my top ten current favorite nail polishes. Key word: current, because it changes weekly.

My current top ten favorite nail polishes!
1. Stormy by Revlon Top Speed
2. Luxe by Orly
3. Salsa by Chine Glaze
4. In Stitches by Essie
5. Dive Bar by Essie
6. Midnight by Revlon Color Stay
7. Green with Envy by Orly
8. Tenacious Teal by Maybelline
9. Mojito Madness by Essie
10. Tiffany Impostor by Finger Paints

I know it seems a little ridiculous to love nail polish/painting my nails so much, but it’s just another creative outlet for me. I work at a job where I don’t get to be creative or artistic on a regular basis (or ever). Painting my nails is a 15 minute activity that helps fill that void. =)

What are your current favorite nail polishes? What are some things that help fill your creative voids?

summer movies

Well, it’s officially summer which means hiding inside with the AC on (I mean, I do live in Florida), swimming in the springs, iced coffee and movie nights! Here are my top ten favorite summertime movies!

10. Wet Hot American Summer – Dirty, ridiculous summer camp. Also, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd pre Parks and Rec.
9. The Baby Sitters Club – An obvious choice for anyone who read the series OR spent majority of their summers babysitting.
8. It Takes Two – Yall, I will always love a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie… especially if it’s dealing with mistaken identity.
7. Troop Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills, what a thrill.
6. Jaws – Classic. Self explanatory.
5. Hook – Part of this movie actually takes place in London in the winter… but I don’t care. Neverland is a summer-y place and I love it.
4. Jurassic Park – Another summer classic. Can we take a moment and talk about how amazing the special effects were in this film? It’s seriously ahead of it’s time.
3. Little Darlings – Another summer camp movie. I’m not sure how well-known this one is, but it’s a must-see for any girl.
2. Now and Then – This was actually my favorite movie for many years.
1. The Parent Trap (original) – Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

Runners up: Camp Nowhere, The Parent Trap (starring Lo-ho), Gidget