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Flea Across Florida

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)photo 4 (1)photo 5 (1) Last weekend Ray and I ventured out to Flea Across Florida, a yard sale / flea market that starts in Lake City and follows Highway 90 through the panhandle. Honestly, it wasn’t too impressive but we did stop by a few of our favorite vintage shops along the way.  We purchased 2 vintage thermoses (only $1 each!) to add to my collection, a vintage necktie for Ray, and a pair of gold sparkly, never-worn flats for $2. We were also able to spend some time visiting with Ray’s parents while we were in Live Oak.
These small weekend adventures keep me going throughout the week. With both of us working full time, small group, meetings, practices, and various other projects it can get a little crazy around here. I’m really thankful for these slow weekends we can spend together enjoying each others company.photo 3 (2) …and now for one of our best pictures ever taken.photo 4 (2)

Thrift Haul

Last week I had Friday off, so Ray and I visited a local thrift store/costume shop that is going out of business. I think we made out pretty well. New shoes, native american headbands and even a Mexican poncho. There are a few other items we have our eyes on, but I think we’ll wait until the prices decrease a little more.saddle mocs 1 mocs 2

If there are any ladies in the area that are getting married or are into vintage wedding dressed I highly recommend you check out One of a Kind Consignment. I saw at least 5 or 6 1950s-1960s wedding dresses in really good condition.

Love, Florida

Guys, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted a Love, Florida blog! Did you know that this year is supposed to be Florida’s 500th birthday? I’m not really sure what all that means… but we’re sure going to celebrate!
When we were cleaning and organizing one of our upstairs bedrooms I came across some of Ray’s vintage Florida postcards he bought for tattoo inspiration 6-8 years ago!
I love the first one pictured because of shape of Florida and the Elephant! FYI – Back in the day, traveling circuses would generally retreat to the Sarasota area during the winter. This is why you’ll see a lot of circus images associated with vintage Florida memorabilia. love fl 1love fl 2love fl 3Do you have any good ideas for displaying postcards? Maybe framing them and hanging them in clusters? I just don’t know. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated. =)

Happy Valentines Day!

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Valentines Day. Even when I was single, I would still get super excited about it. A few years ago, I discovered a manila envelope FULL of my dad’s (and some of my Aunt Robin’s) childhood Valentines Cards. What a treasure! Here are a few of my favorites:

I just love this little space explorer guy.

vintage val 6vintage val 2This scout card is one of my favorites! Remember when Ray dressed up as a Boy Scout/Khaki Scout for Halloween? vintage val 4

This one is really cute but also maybe a little creepy? You decide…vintage val 5vintage val 1final 1I just can’t get over how adorable these are! I’m guessing these are from around the late 1950’s. vintage val 7Some of these cards even have sweet messages on the back from my dad’s elementary school friends!
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day full of love!

Thrift Finds!

We haven’t been very good at documenting thrift finds lately. Two reasons why: 1. The sun goes down at 5pm and I don’t even get off until 6pm. This really limits our photo taking natural light time. 2. We are being more particular about thrifting. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the hunt and low prices and end up with 3 sewing machines, 14 chipped pyrex bowls and a vintage dress that doesn’t fit. And, well, we don’t need any of those things. Haha.
Here are some of our recent finds: We also recently purchased the game Apples to Apples (one of our faves) and a pair of light blue Chuck Taylors for me! What have been some of your thrifting wins?