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Weird Shit My Husband Owns – Boots

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? If you’re interested, you can see the previous WSMHO posts here, here and here.IMG_0107IMG_0108

Allison’s take:
If you’re familiar with Ray, then you know he has very distinct style. If you catch him at work he will be wearing grey slacks, a collared button up, ox blood winged tipped shoes, and possibly a tie. Outside of work is a different story. In his off time Ray typically wears either a super hero tshirt or western button up, a vest, jeans, and boots. Always boots. Specifically, snake skin boots. He’s been wearing boots for as long as we’ve been friends.
Another thing you may or may not know about Ray is that he’s thrifty. Because boots can be VERY expensive, he usually buys them gently used off ebay. I left that tidbit of information in this post so you wouldn’t think we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on each pair of these boots. We’re crazy, but not that kind of crazy.
A few weeks ago, while we were doing a little spring (winter?) closet cleaning, I counted no less than 9 pairs of boots. That didn’t include the pair on his feet, the pair in the living room or the pair under our bed.
You might be thinking “There’s got to be an explanation. Maybe Ray moonlights as a Florida cracker cowboy at night” but you’re wrong. He doesn’t own a ranch (but maybe one day!!) or hang with cattle ever. He works on computers at a bank and podcasts about super heroes. So, Ray having 10 + pairs of boots is weird, right?IMG_0113

Ray’s take: Okay guys, so I like boots. I wear boots a lot. Up until recently they were my everyday-all-day shoe of choice. And yes, I am partial to snake skin boots, I just like them. I do not feel like it is crazy or weird that I have 10+ pair of boots though. Girls have tons of shoes, but I’m not writing a “Weird Shit My Wife Owns, 33 pair of Ballerina Flats” post. For some reason that seems completely reasonable to people.
Anyway, why do I own so many boots? Well I wear a 12 1/2 in boots, and I Prefer Tony Lama boots. That’s not a combination you come across often in the gently-used market. So 2-3 pair of those boots are for future use. I haven’t started wearing them yet, but I found a good deal on them, and pulled the trigger. They are my spares right now.
I don’t really have an explanation for the other 7 or so pair other than they all have a story. The pair on the middle row far left, were the first boots I started wearing. They were not snake skin, but they did belong to my dad. I wore them for years. Same row but to the far right  were my wedding boots. I had them patched up and resoled specifically for our wedding. They were my first pair of snake skin boots, and very comfortable. The pair on the left on the bottom row are my Dragon Slayer boots, self explanatory of course. Top Right hand corner, I wore while in Guatemala, they have paint on them from where we helped paint some houses. Bottom right were my dress boots for a while.

So every boot tells a story, don’t it? So in conclusion, not weird.

Allison’s take x2 – I love him and I actually don’t care if he has lots and lots of boots. 🙂

Weird Sh*t My Husband Owns: Record Collection

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’re pretty much celebrities is our tiny town of Lake City. Why, you ask?  Well, our previous Weird Sh*t posts were featured in a local magazine (renamed to “Weird Stuff” haha)! This might seem ridiculous, but we get stopped all the time because of the article.
So, back by popular demand…art deco 4 - wacomAllison’s take: Ok, don’t get me wrong, I love music. I love listening to records. I love the sound quality from comes from vinyl. However, I think this record collections has gotten a little out of control. Collecting records isn’t exactly weird (especially with all the vinyl-hipsters of today), but having a collection this large IS weird! The pictures don’t even show all of them!
I clearly knew about the record collection before we got married, I guess I just didn’t realize how much space it would take up. Our entire sunroom is full of them!weird shit record 2 Ray’s Take: I LOVE music. I love old things. I also love finding good deals. So collecting records is like the perfect storm for me!
There are so many things I love about vinyl records, the music, the artwork, the ability they have to transport you to another time, how they can bookmark points in your life. I love the smell of vinyl, the feel of a new vinyl being put on a record player, the experience of doing nothing but listening to that record. Not cleaning and listening to a record, not reading and listening to a record, just listening.
I know I have a lot of records now, and my collecting has slowed a bit over the past two years, but I still enjoy the hunt and the joy in playing a new record!
Just having them around is a comfort to my soul.

With all that being said, since I have so many records, alliray.com is going to start having a new feature once a month (or whenever I get around to not being a bum and write them) called Ray’s Record Review (because we like alliteration). It won’t always be musical reviews, it will be more of a post about some vinyls that I’ve been enjoying lately.
See keep your eyes out for that!