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Year in review

Happy New Years Eve! 2014 was an interesting year. There were lots of changes and surprises. Some were fun, some not so much but we’re definitely looking forward to a new year! Here’s a look back on 2014!

We saw our current favorite band, Shovels and Rope, in concert. It was such a great show!photo 1 (2)We grew hydroponic lettuce! photo 5We both got new jobs! Ray wears slacks everyday. Haha!

photo 1 (6)photo 4 (2)We took a quick anniversary trip to St. Augustine. We also tried a wonut.

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (3)

We went to MegaCon in Orlando! Sooo much fun! This guy is from my fave comic book, Saga.photo 1 (3)We went berry picking!

blueberry 2 allison blueberryRay had a crazy idea to organize a comic convention in our small town. Somehow it worked out (with the help of the NWGLS crew and so many others) and was super successful! Infinity Con 2014!

IMG_9533We dressed as Moaning Myrtle and dad Harry Potter for Harry Potter’s birthday.photo 5 (1)

Ray was in the hospital for over a week with diverticulitis.
photo 4 (5) My sister came home for the holidays!! She lives in Kenya (which, um… is really far away) and I was sooooooooo excited for her to be home.photo 1 (8) We dressed as a pizza and a delivery boy for Halloween! Brie dressed as a poptart!

pizza 5photo 2 (6)We hosted Friendsgiving Vol. 2!photo 2 (5)

After Ray’s bout with diverticulitis, we made a decision for him to have surgery to resolve the situation. We spent another week in the hospital in December.photo 1 (7) We dressed Black Cat in a Christmas sweater. photo 3 (6) So much more happened in 2014 but this post was getting pretty long. Thank you to everyone that was a part of our lives this year! Here’s to 2015!photo 4 (4)