The Office and tears

the office 2I know it might sound ridiculous, but the fact that tonight will be the final episode of The Office is seriously making my heart ache. I started watching sometime in 2007, which I believe was during the second season and I was instantly hooked. Remember when Jim and Pam were falling in love? And when Michael got Ryan an ipod for Christmas? Phyllis and Bob’s Wedding? The dundie awards? And remember when we found out Angela and Dwight were together!? Ah, memories.the office I’ve actually been kind of anti-The Office for the past 2 seasons. I just felt like maybe they were losing their touch. The Jim and Pam fighting episodes were almost too much for me to deal with. HOWEVER, the last 3 or 4 episode have been incredible and I think the writers have done and awesome job of tying up lose ends.
I think tonight is going to be bittersweet. What are some of your favorite Office moments? Let’s┬áreminisce.

2 thoughts on “The Office and tears

  1. Lauren

    I am really upset about it ending. My favorite character will always be Kevin, the time he made chili and dumped it all over the floor is one of my favorite moments. Also, I still love the stapler in Jello prank. Classic. This clip sums up all my feels for tonight’s finale.


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