The Year of Root Beer

rb3Root Beer, the other soda. According to Wikipedia it was made by farmers in the 1800’s and was first introduced commercially by Charles Hires at the Philadelphia Centennial Convention in 1876. Thanks Charles!! rb2We love Root Beer and we’re on a quest to discover the best one. We’ve found a bunch of  different brands that we will be testing out over the next 12 months. Some of them are familiar and some are a little obscure. We’ve come up with a grading scale to rate each brand on creaminess, flavor, carbonation, packaging, and overall experience. We will be posting our results here on the blog. As of right now, we have about 14 different brands in mind but we are absolutely open to any and all root beer suggestions!rb1What’s you favorite brand of Root Beer? We want to know!

One thought on “The Year of Root Beer

  1. Lauren

    My favorites are Hank’s and Kutztown. They might be only be in PA though, not sure. Pennsylvania is the land of Root Beer and snack food.


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