Vintage Jewelry Collection

I am a collector. So is Ray. We like things that are old, unique and pretty. I’ve been collecting things since I was a child. Dolls my Aunt Robin sent me, ceramic Disney figurines, manatee paraphernalia, moose paraphernalia, old photos … I had collections of all of these at one time or another.
As we all know, collecting can get out of hand and can slowly move into the hoarding territory (NOOOO!). So, to stay far far away from keeping piles of trash, old clothes, cats, ect. I’ve become much more particular about the pieces I purchase and keep.

My vintage jewelry collection is the first installment of this series. These are some of my favorite pieces (but also just the ones that happened to be on my dresser). Some belonged my Nonnie’s, some were gifts, and some were purchased at festivals and antique stores.
Aren’t they pretty?!

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