You Rock a lot of Polka Dots!

dotsI was putting some laundry away the other day and noticed that I do, in fact, rock a lot of polka dots. Possibly a ridiculous amount of polka dots. I even made Ray buy a polka dot tie the last time we were thrifting! Also, you guys know how I feel about polka dot nails…
When it comes to clothes, I tend to always have some type “uniform.” For instance, everyday to work I wear skinny jeans, some type of cotton shirt, a cardigan and moccasins or flats. All day, everyday. At my last job I wore a knee-length dress, cardigan and flats. I don’t like to change it up. Some people would call this a rut… I just call it being predictable.
I think I’m ok with this little obsession. =)

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